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Have you noticed that your garage door isn’t working right? Is it, perhaps, making too much noise or just outright malfunctioning? This might cause you to panic, and you have the right to do so; but here at Brooks Garage Doors in Nashville, we consider it normal in the way of life.

The average family of 4 uses their garage door 1,500 times a year – that’s a lot of opening and closing, so it’s expected that your door gets to have wear and tear over the years.  Without routine garage door maintenance, there may be a possibility that your springs can break, and your cables can fray. This can cause your door to become dysfunctional; either it just stops working, or worse, it could be a hidden danger to you and your family. Here at Brooks Garage Doors, we recommend that your garage door be serviced and checked annually by a certified and qualified technician, like ours here at Brooks!

Whenever you sign up for our preventative garage door maintenance offers, you sign up for confidence.

We take pride in providing the best garage door maintenance services in Nashville, TN and its nearby cities.  Our proficient customer service personnel will automatically schedule your annual appointments for you, which will be done by our certified technicians, ensuring a comprehensive inspection of your garage door and its parts.

Our technician will take the time to test the springs, cables, rollers, and tracks of your garage door, making sure that all of its parts are working as it should. After that, he will lubricate your hinges, springs, and rollers with our top-notch lubrication products. The inspection doesn’t stop there; he will also recalibrate your safety sensors and check the reversing mechanisms of your door to ensure that your door is on par with current safety standards. Small repairs such as rollers, hinges, and bottom seals are also included in our preventative maintenance agreement. We will also let you know if there are parts that need to be replaced, and we will do so accordingly.

Expectations With a Garage Door Maintenance

If you are the type of person who uses garage doors on a daily basis, then you can ensure that it is one of the hardest working objects in your home. We open and close them countlessly, which is why our garage doors definitely go through some serious wear and tear. With the activity it does every single day, you should ensure that you get a high quality garage door maintenance service from a trusted garage door contractor, like us at Brooks Garage Doors.  Here are the things that you can expect whenever you avail our maintenance services for your garage doors:

technician inspecting door

Our team of qualified technicians take pride in ensuring that your garage is in its best working conditions. Hence, an inspection is the required first step whenever maintenance is underway is to conduct a thorough inspection of your garage door. This is to ensure that there are no loose brackets, your sensors are fully functional, and the rollers are in good working condition. After this, our team will lubricate your springs in order to prevent it from corroding, and any dirty elements of your garage door will be cleaned with the utmost precision and attention. Loose elements of your door will also be tightened.

keeping it safe
Safety Precautions

During the maintenance, we at Brooks Garage Doors employ multiple safety precautions to ensure that everyone will be safe during the process and that there will be no accidents with the garage door, the person maintaining them, or the owner themselves. These precautions are also advised to the homeowners to prevent accidents while the garage door is being operated and to lengthen the lifespan of your garage door.

inexpensive painting

When some people think of the word “maintenance,” they think of expensive services that will put a significant dent in their pockets. Contrary to what you may think, getting garage door maintenance is cheaper than it seems – especially when it comes from us here at Brooks Garage Doors.

Quality & Affordable Services & Products

Of course, we do not compromise the quality of our services and products with our affordable rates. Our prices are competitive and budget-friendly, all while maintaining the high quality of garage door maintenance our clientele knows and loves. When you choose us, you get the bang for the buck – because your garage door could last a whole lot longer with maintenance, and save you from very expensive repairs and replacements in the long run.

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If you are on the lookout for an affordable, reliable, and high-quality garage door company at Nashville, TN, then you don’t need to look any further; our team of resident technicians here at Brooks Garage Doors will be ready and equipped to provide you with the necessary charade door services that are tailored to your needs. Give us a call today at 615-551-1241 and we can ensure you that you will be able to sleep at night knowing that you enjoy a garage door that’s in tip-top shape.

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Wood Garage Door

Completes numerous architectural patterns, from conventional to current and adds classic charm and sensational appeal to the home. This new assortment of traditional wood garage doors offers  residential property owners a lovely wood carport entryway at a moderate cost. 

Traditional Steel Garage Door

Our traditional steel garage door are available with classic raised panels or modern long panels, these doors are surprisingly affordable.  Its low-maintenance finish manages to look amazing thanks to the double coats of baked-on polyester paint.

Amarr Stratford ST1000

Amarr Stratford takes quality to another level as its residential traditional steel doors feature UV inhibitors that block the door from becoming dull. This type of garage door is suitable for windy residential areas, as it is fitted with a wind load reinforcement system.

Carriage House Garage Door

Makes an astonishing mix of a lovely wood carriage-house door with the strength of steel.  This set of architecture-inspired garage doors feature first-rate design, thermal performance and stability. You can customize the look of these doors by selecting from a variety of paint.

DurafirmTM Collection Vinyl Clad

Features jagged, thick vinyl skin that frees any homeowner   from the anxiety brought by wood door maintenance and steel door rust.  Boasting an energy efficiency with an R-value of 11.75, these doors offer reliable strength and amazing sound absorption.

Modern Aluminum Garage Door

Modern aluminum garage doors are serving a smooth and refined look for today’s latest-styled homes. Featuring sleek design and neat lines shaped from stable corrosion-resistant aluminum and light-filtering glass make an impressive balance to your home.

Impression Collection​®

These brilliantly designed entryways catch the magnificence and nitty gritty of common wood without the upkeep. They include a slyly shaped wood-grain fiberglass surface while covering strong steel development, and give quality, magnificence and incentive to your home.


Thermacore® highlights our sandwich construction of steel-polyurethane-steel and between-section seals with thermal breaks to keep the thermal to keep the thermal effectiveness that will keep your precious home looking incredible and comfortable in both cold and hot environments.

Clopay Classic Door Collection

Clopay Classic Door Collection are specially designed steel doors for homes.  It comes with a flush, short or long panel.

Wayne Dalton Classic

The Wayne Dalton Classic door collection puts the spotlight on durability and powerful performance. These varying low- maintenance steel garage doors are designed with raised or recessed panels.

Strong. Quiet. Versatile.

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Leading Brands in the Market

To ensure superior quality and excellent performance of our products and services in Nashville and nearby areas in Tennessee, we continue our incredible partnership with the leading brands in the market for several years.  Here at Brooks Garage Doors, you are guaranteed advanced solutions thanks to the latest technology that constantly wows us and our clients with maximum security and sleek statements about their unique needs.

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