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How to Choose the Right Insulation for your Garage Door

Your garage is arguably one of the most critical entry points to your home and is used almost daily. Besides, the entry door to your garage from the house might be unintentionally opened by kids due to curiosity, or by pets. Garage door insulation is the process of reducing the heat flow that goes in and out of your garage, which can control your energy loss and regulate your cooling and heating fees. Depending on the climatic conditions of where you live, the amount of insulation your garage needs is different.

How do we compute insulation? The insulation property of every material is calculated with the use of the R-value or U-value. When we talk about R-Value, it is a rating system that calculates the resistance of your material to the flow of heat. U-values, on the other hand, shows the energy efficiency of your material. Higher R-values and lower U-values mean better insulation. Since garage doors are made with a variety of materials, they come with varying R and U values.

3 Kinds of Garage Door Insulation

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1. Single-Layer Garage Door Insulation

Single-layer garage doors are simple doors made up of only one layer of steel or vinyl material. For areas with moderate temperature or low noise, this is a great choice for you. If your garage happens to be separated from the main home or you’re using it for parking the cars or even storage, then you can choose single-layer doors for maximum comfort.

2. Double-Layer Garage Door Insulation

Single-layer garage doors are simple doors made up of only one layer of steel or vinyl material. For areas with moderate temperature or low noise, this is a great choice for you. If your garage happens to be separated from the main home or you’re using it for parking the cars or even storage, then you can choose single-layer doors for maximum comfort.

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3. Triple-Layer Garage Door Insulation

Triple-layer garage doors are usually made up of both inner and outer steel or vinyl layers, including a layer of insulation material in the middle. With three layers of insulation, the door makes the garage soundproof. These types of doors are usually ideal if you are the type of person who uses their garage as a studio, office, or if the garage is below the bed or guest rooms. They’re also highly recommended in areas with extreme temperature changes especially during the winter and summer seasons.

At first glance, we know that this information might be overwhelming, so we asked the experts at Brooks Garage Doors to inform us in layman’s terms why insulation for the garage doors is important, and how to choose the right kind of insulation for your needs.

Having installed hundreds of stylish, well-insulated, and efficient garage doors to the community of Nashville, TN for a decade and counting, the team at Brooks came up with some useful advice to help you choose the right insulation for your property.

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1. Garage Door Insulation Saves Energy

When you look for energy-saving tips on the internet, you mostly get tips that focus on the inside of your home, and it makes perfect sense! From insulation, to energy-efficient windows, to better heating systems, these are proven to help you reduce your energy usage. With the amount of tips focusing on the inside of your home, though, we often overlook what’s on the outside – your garage. Garages generally aren’t considered to be part of the house, but they often have air-conditioned rooms above them. Many of them have a door that connects to the house, as well.

Since garages generally aren’t considered as living space, the construction standards for them are different, meaning, more gaps and air leakages are allowed. Due to this, garages become one of the least energy-efficient parts of your home, and they might be the primary reason why your heating and cooling bills become higher in the first place, even though all the energy saving tips for the interior of your home are taken into account.

This means that uninsulated garages transfer cold air to the rooms that are next to them. They also allow cold air into your home through the gaps in the door. Adding insulation to your door can help you save energy. By regulating the temperature in the garage, you’re reducing the amount of energy that is required to heat the rest of your home.


Garages also have a big difference compared to the rest of your home when it comes to heat loss.

This is because they tend to act as buffer zones between the heated indoors and the outdoor weather. The space in between is warmer than the outdoors, which means that you won’t be bringing gusts of cold air directly into your home. Since your heater won’t need to work as hard with an insulated garage door, you’ll save energy.

2. Insulated Garage Doors Are Lasting

Insulated garage doors for commercial and residential purposes tend to be constructed differently from single-layer garage doors, which make them stronger. This added durability makes perfect sense, too, as your door needs to stand up to cars, kids, equipment, and the weather.

A majority of today’s insulated doors are usually composed of steel or aluminum frames, which are filled with solid-core insulation. This insulation is then sandwiched between single or dual steel panels. This mechanism of construction creates a lightweight, energy-efficient door that is less likely to have dents, unlike older, uninsulated garage doors.

In comparison, older garage doors are made with less sturdy, outdated materials such as thin steel sheets wrapped with panel frames. Since this kind of mechanism has no insulation whatsoever, these panels could be easily dented by cars, items that are being stored in the garage, and even basketballs or children’s bikes.

These dents from daily activities mean more maintenance on the side of the homeowner. Not only that, but these kinds of garage doors with no insulation also lessen the curb appeal or value of your home. Insulated garage doors, which contain multiple layers of insulation, steel, and aluminum inside the system, make your garage door less prone to damage.

The added durability with having an insulated garage door helps its lifespan in many ways, too. Due to their size, garage doors are often damaged by bad weather conditions, which could be dents or scratches from wind-borne projectiles. This is the most common type of weather-related damage when we’re talking about garage doors. Insulated garage doors stand up better to these types of projectiles as well.

3. Insulated Garage Doors Extends the Life of Your Car

Insulated garage doors can also help a lot in protecting your car. A car stored in a garage that harbors an insulated door is less likely to be in freezing conditions. Since cold weather has the ability to affect your car in a number of ways, having an insulated garage door can do wonders for the lifespan of your car.

Freezing weather can affect your precious car in a variety of ways, including:

  • Shorter battery life or dead batteries
  • Thickened transmission, engine, and brake fluids
  • Low air pressure in tires
  • Unreliable spark plugs and wiring

The lower the temperature, the less likely your car is to run properly.

Do you remember that experiment about whether an insulated door on an insulated garage had any significant effect? The insulated door raised the temperature from 30 to 42 degrees. As most batteries work in their best conditions between 30 to 90 degrees, just replacing your door with an insulated one can already show a significant difference.

Temperature changes can also extend the life of other items aside from your car. Take the cans of paint you have stored in the corner of your garage, for example. Even the most subtle changes in temperature can change its consistency and efficiency. If you don’t put items like these in a temperature-controlled space, it becomes unusable more quickly. The same thing goes for many fertilizers, cleaning supplies, and motor oil.

How do you choose the right kind of garage door insulation?

The choice of insulation that you should employ in your garage depends on a lot of factors says the team here at Brooks Garage Doors. For example, in icy, colder regions with rough weather and more extreme weather changes, vinyl doors are more optimal. Wood is a natural insulator, but humidity can cause them to rot. If you were to cuse your garage as a workshop or a spare bedroom, then they need more insulation. If you are looking for moderate insulation, you may use polystyrene.

Polyurethane becomes an excellent choice for temperate climates, as they offer higher levels of noise cancellation and weatherproofing. The foams provided by polyurethane insulation materials also prevent denting. Thus, climatic conditions, budget, and the garage’s utility are very important factors that need to be considered for choosing the right kind of garage insulation so you can get the best value of your money.

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