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How to Manage a Noisy Garage Door

One of the best attributes of a home, and frankly, attract more buyers and people to any type of residence is a good, prime-condition garage. Not only does it safeguard your cars and trucks from the unforgiving elements and extreme weather changes in your area. But it can also provide a work area for the handyman, or even used for storage space; perhaps all three. Whatever the case may be, very few things are as annoying as the feeling of pressing the garage door opener and hearing a noise similar to fingernails dragging on a chalkboard. Not only is this an assault on your sense of hearing, but it is also an indication that your garage door is probably in dire need of maintenance or repair.

There are a variety of garage door designs

For example, there are sectional doors, roll-up doors, and side-hinged door types, among many others. No matter the type of door you currently have, there will always be parts of it that need routine maintenance or upkeep to keep them running normally and efficiently at all times. Some garage door maintenance can be basic procedures that can be managed in less than an hour, but there are some other procedures that should not be attempted by a DIY homeowner as it can do more harm than good for you. If you’re not certain whether your DIY or mechanical abilities are able to maintain a garage door, then you should err on the safe side and hire a professional like us at Brooks Garage Doors! Now, let’s examine some of the possible causes of garage door noise and the steps you can be able to take to tone the noise down.Prior to you starting any sort of service on your garage door, it is in your best interest if you shut the door entirely, separate the power from your opener, and detach the door through drawing the release rope. If you are unsure how to do this, you can refer to your owner’s manual for comprehensive maintenance steps and information.


Clean Moving Parts

You know what they say: Cleanliness is next to godliness. Like any good maintenance, it begins with exactly that. With the flow of time and the constant use, your garage door parts will certainly bring in dust and debris without you even realizing it, and if you’re like most people, then you can ensure that your garage does not get cleaned nor vacuumed the same way your home does, so your door’s moving parts need a good and thorough cleaning. You can use a moist towel to get rid of all the dust and debris from the joints, rollers, springs, and rails. While you are cleaning the parts off of dust, you should also check for damages and wear.

Inspect Door Hinges

There are three points you should focus on whenever you’re inspecting your garage door hinges: looseness, wear, and inadequate lubrication. If you’re taking the time to inspect your joints, you have to make certain that they are effectively tightened up. If you happen to see that they aren’t, then you can do this with an outlet wrench. After that, you should test all the bolts that connect the hinge to your garage door. If a bolt hangs, then tighten it until it is fully secured to the door, but not so much as to over-tighten it. Check all the hinges if they are lubricated properly. However, if you can’t remember the last time you lubricated your hinges, or if you haven’t at all, it’s high time for you to do it.

You might be compelled to use multi-use lubricating substances on the joints of your garage door, and sure, they might help in toning things down temporarily, but they break down very promptly and permit dirt and debris to develop in the exact locations where they have been used. Your garage door is an important part of your home; it at least deserves a quick trip to your regional house center store to buy the appropriate and recommended lubricating substance to do the job. There are lubricating substances made especially for garage doors. These are recommended due to it taking place as a fluid that dries out to become a non-tacky oil, which helps avoid the gathering of dust and crud. 

Also visually evaluate your hinges for signs of wear and tear.

If you see signs of steel shavings on the joint, or if the area where the roller that gets in touch with the joint is extended, then it is a telltale sign that your roller has to be replaced immediately. Replacement hinges are readily available at residence facility shops, or if they do not have the exact one your garage doors require, then the internet is a good place to look. Just make sure to purchase a precise replacement part.

Check Rollers

Another culprit of noisy, screeching garage door sounds are worn rollers. Like hinges, the rollers required to be effectively lubricated. After a while, the rollers will wear down and also require to be replaced. A majority of replacement rollers include either steel or nylon wheels. Nylon wheels are usually quieter than steel, and also certainly stand up to the exact same loads as long as you pick rollers with the correct weight score.

Garage Door Opener Maintenance

It’s already expected; door opener systems can make a fair amount of noise. Openers can include a couple of different drive types, too. When it comes to garage doors, the cheapest and most frequent one is the chain-drive, and is likewise, the loudest of the drive types. This is because it utilizes a chain to move a cart that helps raise the door. It usually needs very little maintenance, but you have to assure that the chain is well-lubed. In addition, the chain can create slack and put versus the track triggering some racket. If this event happens, then you will need to readjust the chain stress.

Another type of the most frequently used garage door opener drive system is the


It works similarly to a chain-drive system. But instead of a chain, it uses a belt to move the trolley that lifts the door. The main advantage a belt-drive system gives is the noise wetting buildings of the rubber belt. Similar to chain-drives, belt-drive systems require more stress adjustments on a routine basis. Belt-drive systems are the quietest of all door opener types.

Likewise, there are also screw-drive openers that utilize a threaded rod that turns and relocates the cart in order for the door to be lifted. If you have a screw-drive opener, the threaded screw has to be lubricated regularly. The sound degree of screw-drive openers are fairly moderate; quieter than a chain-driver, but it is slightly louder than a belt-drive.

If you currently have a chain or screw-drive opener, and it functions well enough, there’s generally no need to go out to replace it with a belt-driven design. However, when time comes by and it is required for you to change your opener, then you could opt to switch to a belt-drive system to attain quieter operation.


In circumstances where a lot of the sound from the garage door is listened to inside the structure, like rooms above the garage, the source of your troubles might be resonance that is moved through the building structure. In situations like these, you have the choice to insert resonance isolating pads in between the opener placing brackets and the framework of the building itself. Anti-vibration packages are also available that solve this particular problem and some people opt to put their DIY skills to the test by producing their own pads from various forms of thick, strong, durable rubber such as old tires. Considering the low price of anti-vibration packages, though, you could opt for the kit instead.

Brooks Garage Door Service Provider

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Keep your Garage Doors maintained and Functional

Once the time comes that you’ve done all the actions that we talked about in this article, your garage door should be significantly more quiet. If it is still louder than normal, then err towards the side of safety and call our team of professional technicians here at Brooks Garage Doors in Nashville, TN. It doesn’t matter how you wound up causing the trouble, don’t await the product train rolling in once again. You should perform these maintenance treatments every 6 months to keep your garage door as quiet as possible, and of course, fully functional.

Garage doors are more than just utilitarian devices made for storing cars indoors. For houses, no matter how small or large, a garage door offers the utmost security and insulation for all of your household members and valuables – not just your car. As it is one of the most integral parts of a property to maintain curb appeal, the garage door needs to be regularly maintained for practicality and aesthetics. Looking for a professional to help you maintain your garage doors? Just give us a ring here at Brooks Garage Doors and our customer service representatives will be more than pleased to assist you!

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